I have not managed to make the time to write a proper post this weekend, but that’s ok. It’s good to do the things that need to be done when they need to be done, like write a letter to an old friend who needs some kind words, or go grocery shopping, or talk on the phone with a parent. So instead of a long post, take a few minutes to sit quietly and listen to Yo-Yo Ma play In the Gale in the woods for and with the birds. I cried, it’s so beautiful.

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7 thoughts on “For the Birds

    1. Ok, so I didn’t even notice that, I was watching the emotions on his face so closely. So now I’ve watched it yet one more time, and that is a wonderful detail!

  1. I will listen to this when I can – Yo Yo Ma is wonderful!

    I agree, it’s good to get things done that need to be done! I know how busy weekends can be when you also work outside the home!

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